Managed service provider myths

Embracing the cloud: The benefits of managed IT services

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are still reluctant to adopt cloud-based managed IT services. Misconceptions around cost, compatibility, and necessity have left some clinging to outdated on-premises infrastructure. However, the reality is that modern managed services offer improved security, accessibility, and affordability. Here are three common myths about managed services, debunked:

Myth #1: Migrating to the cloud will require changing all my applications.

Truth: With lift-and-shift migration, existing applications can be seamlessly transferred to the cloud. Managed service providers can host your current desktop and software in a secure cloud environment accessible from any device. No reconfiguring necessary.

Myth #2: Managed services cost more than handling IT in-house.

Truth: By outsourcing infrastructure and support needs, SMBs no longer have to maintain specialized in-house IT staff. Many organizations have cut annual IT costs by 25% or more with managed services. Plus, built-in security, licensing, and hardware updates keep you competitively up-to-date.

Myth #3: We don’t need advanced IT capabilities.

Truth: Outdated infrastructure and software pose security risks and drag down productivity with slow speeds and lack of accessibility. As consumer expectations and cyber threats advance, SMBs need scalable solutions to drive efficiency, continuity, and protection.

The right solution for you

Not all providers offer the same capabilities and customisations. Thoroughly assess your infrastructure goals and business needs before choosing a managed service partner. The right solution will provide secure, invisible IT operations that empower employees and customers alike. With increased productivity and lower overhead, it’s easier than ever to get ahead.

Choosing a provider

The key to finding the right managed service provider is understanding your organisation’s unique needs. Consider factors like:

  • Security: Evaluate providers based on their security capabilities like encryption, access controls, and breach detection. Prioritise those with robust measures that surpass your current infrastructure.
  • Support: Compare service-level agreements to ensure guaranteed and timely responses. Look for 24/7 phone, email, and chat help desk availability.
  • Scaling: Opt for flexible plans that allow seamless upward or downward scaling of storage, hosting, licenses, and other resources to meet changing demands.
  • Integration: Managed services should integrate smoothly with your existing software, applications, and workflows for entire IT ecosystem continuity.
  • Customisation: No two businesses are alike, so resist one-size-fits-all solutions. Seek out providers that offer tailored implementations to match your industry, processes, and use cases.

Ask providers about their experience with clients like you, the technology partners they work with, billing models, onboarding/migration plans, and satisfied customer stories. An MSP that proactively helps you navigate the unique complexities of your evolving IT landscape is a true partner for long-term success.

Empower your business with managed cloud services

Outsourcing day-to-day infrastructure and support tasks allows SMBs to redirect that time and energy toward core business goals. Managed IT services not only save money compared to maintaining specialised in-house teams – they provide the enterprise-level security, accessibility, and capabilities today’s businesses require. Don’t let misconceptions hold your organisation back from cloud-based solutions. Instead, find the tailored managed services approach that empowers your productivity, continuity, and peace of mind.

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